Mining Data Management

  • Innovative multi-disciplinary database solutions...

    Izabella Nigeria Limited Consulting has a team of professional and technical staff who provide innovative computer-based data integration, management and presentation for a wide range of earth science disciplines. Extensive quantities of data may thereby be made readily accessible and meaningful, providing a basis for clients to make/ review decisions in real time.

    Combining spatial technology-oriented skills with available computer technologies, we process and integrate large and varied spatial data sets of environmental, mining, hydrological and geotechnical information. Outputs can be analyzed and compared, allowing for multi-disciplinary decision support and implementation of unique and cost effective solutions.

    We have applied these techniques to a variety of earth science projects including the management of tailings dam complexes; site characterization; geological, hydrological and geotechnical exploration, and environmental mapping, assessment, monitoring and remediation.

    • Satellite remote sensing
    • Geographical information systems
    • Integrated information systems
    • Integrated information management
    • Environmental databasing
    • Mapping