Project Overview

  • Nigeria’s Benue Trough is recognised as a major lead/zinc province – the most prospective in West Africa. It remains largely unexplored with modern methods. There are known large deposits in the Lower and Middle Benue Regions at Ishiagu, Abakaliki and Akwana. The Abakaliki deposit is already known to contain over one million tonnes at 15% combined lead/zinc. There is also known mineralisation in the Upper Benue region. Izabella Nigeria Limited hold one licence – For further exploration. Within the licence area there are high grade veins being worked by artisanal miners. Investigations by independent consultant, have revealed that: ‘Initial work at Akwana has demonstrated the presence of high grade Galena (lead), Shpalerite (zinc), and fluorspar mineralisation.’ ‘This style of mineralisation has more potential for discovery of multiple high-grade deposits.’

    It is known that the Benue Trough is a major Galena (lead)/Sphalerite (zinc) province and that there is lead/zinc mineralization within the Izabella Nigeria Limited licence area. There are significant amounts of carbonate rocks reported from the Benue sedimentary sequence. The licence is some 6km2 in area and so there is a distinct possibility that carbonate hosted Galena (lead)/Sphalerite (zinc) & Fluorspar (fluorite) deposits. Detailed report of geological survey done on 4.8km2 of the site shows; • Estimated deposit of 5 million* tonnes of ore at CaF2 average 20% and 544,635* tonnes of ore at PbS average 7.55% metals •

    *This is a report that contains the systematic geological appraisal on a scale of 1:20,000 geochemical appraisal of surface ore bodies and pits samples and a estimated resource ( not Proven, because drilling at spaced intervals and deep depth has not been carried out).

Akwana site Outcrops

Akwana site geophysical sampling

Akwana site sampling of ore