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Director's message

  • Izabella Nigeria Limited is a multi-commodity resources company, and is unique in that it is one of the few primary silver, lead, and zinc exploration and mining companies in Nigeria.

    Now that the soaring energy prices are boosting the African, especially Nigerian economy, we see this moment a great opportunity to launch a new business in Nigeria. That new business is in the mining industry. We have successfully acquired mining sites that has large mineral deposit and with reliable Japan's technological support, we envision developing a new kind of mechanized mining industry in Nigeria. We sincerely hope that you take a moment to read this proposal and consider investment in this promising business.

    Finally in Nigeria, the government has since the year 2007 embarked on fundamental reform of the mining industry by enacting laws that created a good atmosphere for genuine investors to invest in the mining industry. Coming to Nigeria with my Japanese company's reputation and pressure from my Asian buyers, I came to Nigeria in the first half of this year to explore and research into the possibilities of finding a good and reliable partners to doing business with, however after visiting Abia, Ebonyi, Jos, Kebbi and Gombe states respectively to see first hand the mining process in Nigeria, I was taking aback as to how the mining industry is been managed by their owners.

    • There are no qualified personnel on site ( Geologists etc).
    • No good equipment on site ( Test Laboratory, drilling machines etc)
    • No quality control assurance and packaging.
    • Laborers are not directly employed by the miners thereby creating room for lack of commitment to their work.
    • No processing plant.
    With these and other reasons, I made up my mind to invest in mining industry myself, that way we can be able to fully commit our selves to go into contract agreement with our buyers eagerly willing to do business with the genuine source and supplier. Since then we began exploration for mineral in areas where we have successfully reached levels were there are large mineral deposit. In order to acquire these sites for further exploration and mining, we have gotten the consent and gone into community development agreement with the land owners and with reliable Japan's technological support, we envision developing a new kind of mechanized mining industry in Nigeria.

    The company intends to pursue further mining opportunities across the African continent, both independently and, where appropriate, in partnership with other stakeholders.

local mining sites

Abakaliki, Ebonyi State2010

Abuni, Nasarawa State 2010

Azara, Nasarawa State 2010